Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Bridge

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Brooklyn Bridge, NY
John Lennard

"Now then, lets go out
To enjoy the snow...until
I slip and fall!" 
(Basho - 1688)

Walking down snow-buried hill
Toward the bridge of frozen dreams.
Speaking of world-enough-and-time,
And of things that might have been.

     Seeing snow
     Slowly buried
     Head to toe

Walking up snow-buried hill
From the bridge of reflective .ssendam
Thinking of style-enough-and-rhyme,
And of things that cause this sadness.

     Touching snow
     Slowly buried
     Head to toe

Walking alone, slipping
On the bridge of no tomorrow.
Dive straight down,
End the sorrow.

     Basho's snow
     Almost buried
     Head to toe

Walking apart, falling
Below the bridge of bread and wine.
Feeling the force of Blake's storm,
Why is this communion such a crime?

     Nurture's snow
     Completely buried
     Now we know ...

     we are the snow that buries us
     we are the bridge that carries us
     we are the reality of these composites
     we are the totality of inner opposites