Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Dear Edward

Out Of Place: A Memoir
Edward W. Said
Vintage Books

Review by Rory A.A. Hinton

Out Of Place
Edward W. Said

Ten years to the day.
What shall I do?
Does this rock
Throw rocks,
Just like you?
Hate the academy?
Kill the anatomy?

Behold, this daughter of destroyer.
Behold, this paternal knight.
Behold, this fatherly right:
He wants to protectively hold
From the shelter of the cold
For One Thousand And One
Arabian Nights.

The colour of his face
Reminds him of his place.
Guilty for being white?
And yet ...
"I wish that I may,
I wish that I might."

     Wish no more.
     He wants your Roar.
     So, take your stand! 
     You see, not even Moses
     Entered into The Promised Land. 

For the struggle, he struggles.
For the dead, he lowers his empty head.
"For Said," he said, "I will kill"
As he swallows the suicidal pill:
Simply based on the roll of the dice
He Now knows Apocalyptic Paradise.

Edward W. Said (November 01, 1935 - September 25, 2003)

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