Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Rebirth Of Tragedy

Sexual Personae
Camille Paglia
Penguin Books Ltd,

Review by Rory A.A. Hinton

"She's mad but she's magic." (Charles Bukowski)

Sexual Personae

"Apollo is the Western eye victorious."  (Camille Paglia)

She spoke fear
Fearlessly leaving
Nothing beneath,
Between nor behind
Her past lives.
Mother, father
Husband, friend:
Abused, abandoned
Adultery, assaulted.

He heard all
Always every word
Howled heretofore,
For there is no lie in her
Dionysian fire.
Dickinson swallow
Flying south:
Nesting your verse
A live universe.

She sat ruling
Rulers measured
Upper and lower,
Mistress lady
Of all womb men.
Black eyes closed
Tenderness exposed:
Smiting her enemies
Captive audience.

He lied still
Stilling her lion
Sphinx immovable,
Presents her
Apollonian ice.
His eye shadows
Eye-lined Nefertiti:
Connoisseur of her

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