Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Guru's Muse

By Rory A.A. Hinton


Jack Grimaldi: "So you're the big hoodlum? Personally, I don't see it."
Mona Demarkov: "Keep lookin'."

Through resolving door
To Rumi's killing floor.
Two hinges that swing:
Hard between guru's muse
And a piece offering he brings,
Her power to amuse or abuse.
Libido over Credo.

Intrigue intrudes her body
Electric bitch embodied.
Tatiana takes no prisoners:
Let no one enter here
Who is ignorant of her,
Syndromatic biosphere.
Mona over Persona.

Never one only two
Buddhas will ever do.
Alone but never lonely:
Goodness inside beside
Tatius leaving evil behind,
Mindful of Persian purity.
Breath over Death.


Mona Demarkov: "You can dig one grave or you can dig two."

Romeo Is Bleeding. Polygram Filmed Entertainment. 1993