Sunday, 7 June 2015

I Know A Woman

by Rory A.A. Hinton

I know a woman
Who I see
Naked, but not
With my naked eye.
I've seen embodied ghosts
Dressed to kill me,
With their dull stilettoed knives
Sticking out from under
Shallow branded pockets.
Eye spy in my house of love,
Lusting for the nakedly real
This woman makes me feel,
So much more than lazy
Landed lovers drowning
Underneath the frozen pools
Of my unattainable eyes.

I know a woman
Who can swim,
Late at night under
The exotic theater lights
Of a cool pooled moon.
How I howl at her
Moonstruck full
Fathom five, six, seven, eight ...
Sinking down for the count
Below her moist surface
Tension staring me blind.
I remain the bottom feeder
Eating my Nymphaeaceae,
Born under the water
Bearing sign, baring
The deep emotional voice
Of this unsinkable scorpion.