Friday, 4 August 2017

The Unemployed Samurai

The Teacup & The Skullcup
Chögyam Trungpa
Shambhala Publications

Review by Rory A.A. Hinton

For Roshi Taigen Henderson

Faceless Roshi
Standing still
(as a pillar) again.
Zen dismantling
Sick vanity.

The practical joke:
Distracting zendo buddhas
On squeaking floorboards?
Cheshire cat smiling before
Sitting back in cool boredom.

Heads roll in dokusan.
Sliced off clean
By the bladeless sword
Of this employed samurai.
Body sitting headless.

Unemployed and overjoyed.
Gazing out of a window,
Obliviously attentive.
Hearing the birds
Chirping a requiem.

Faceful Rinpoche
Smiling still
(as a killer) mantra.
Tantra enchanting
Basic sanity.

Chögyam Trungpa. The Teacup And The Skullcup. Shambhala Publications. 2015
Philip Kapleau. The Three Pillars Of Zen. Anchor. 1989.