Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dante's Answer: Part III

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Black And White

"...since from this abyss none has returned alive, if what I hear is true, without fear of infamy I answer you." (Dante, Inferno, XXVII 61-66)

III: Stupidity

Black Words sowing red thread.
“Quit while you are ahead.” 
Shrouded threat as stealth.
Physician, heel thyself.

White Protest silenced by discourse.
“There is no other recourse.” 
Drinking lime-laced Corona.
Reading Sexual Personae.

Black Letter delivered as a student.
“You are anything but prudent.”
Written to one of the very best.
Casting a shadow over the rest.

White Poster inviting all to come in.
“How the mighty have fallen.”
Mexican Standoff as Sartrean steeple:
Hell, in fact, is other people.

Black Harbinger of the knew:
“I will inform you.” 
Not the only one clinically informed.
Heaven hath no jury like a man mourned.

White Accusation within the establishment.
“Personal protection from HerJackAssMeant’.”
Zarathustra speaks the truth (once again):
“In revenge woman is more barbarous than man.”

Black Law hovering like the sword of Damocles.
“We drive no one to their knees.” 
Condemning what was equally contributed.
Moral-high-road conveniently distributed.

White Frustration over outer intransigence.
“There must be a disciplined consequence!”
Honest transparency failed to see.
Crucified by a judiciary of three.

Black Rain pouring torrential from above.
“I seem to forget uttering the word ‘love’.” 
Perpetuating the epithet written in stone:
Wanting To Know/Wanting Not To Be Known.

White Confusion added to this Hot Chocolate.
“How could anyone ever do that?” 
“You could be me in another life.”
Respect the Quill and his strife.

Black Faces discussed from the throne:
“Never choke on the Bone.”
‘O Captain, My Captain’ is fleeting.
Never again my dear John Keating.

White Zen from the pit.
“Mindfulness is bullshit.”
 Here is a clue:
“Aja I run to you.”