Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Verbum: February 2019

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Friday February 01, 2019
You are nothing but
a nocturnal animal.
You come out at night
because you can't face the light
of a kind and loving man.

Saturday February 02, 2019
Remain in your cell,
like a fish within its bowl.
If you want to know
what water is to the fish,
then stay here and keep breathing.

Sunday February 03, 2019
If you fly from men,
you will experience it
before you know it.
If you try to make amends,
you're doing more harm than good.

Monday February 04, 2019
Sit in solitude.
It teaches you everything
that you need to know.
What gives these words their own worth
comes from byeing and celling.

Tuesday February 05, 2019
It is best to say
"You know what you are saying"
to those in the wrong.
In this way you are speaking
the truth about what is false.

Wednesday February 06, 2019
The heat circulates
through me to the lofted heights.
It's warmer again.
I put up with the white noise.
It is a small price to pay.

Thursday February 07, 2019
God beyond the god
of to be or not to be.
It's only the fool
who thinks that predicating
theistically is faithful.

Friday February 08, 2019
His Towering Sky?
Her decision to sell it
without my consent
is a fine example of
the art of the silent lie.

Saturday February 09, 2019
The anxiety
to somehow keep up with them
has long left my life.
There is now nowhere to go.
I remain settled within.

Sunday February 10, 2019
When the angels come
you will know it without doubt:
all of them will have
the faces of your children.
Parenting is a privilege.

Monday February 11, 2019
You are the master
of your many unspoken
words and sentences.
Once you decide to utter
them, you then become their slave.

Tuesday February 12, 2019
Caught in a snow drift
in the middle of the road.
Cars keep passing me.
I slowly drive myself out,
only to get stuck again.

Wednesday February 13, 2019
The three mysteries:
they are luminous enough.
The fifteen decades
in response to the secrets:
morning, afternoon, evening.

Thursday February 14, 2019
A surprising note
sent from a person of note
arrived in the mail
on this saintly day of days.
Love and be loved in return.

Friday February 15, 2019
The faithful remnant
continue to rend their hearts
and minds with their kind.
It is no wonder that some
devoted hermits go mad.

Saturday February 16, 2019
sedevacantism leads
one to clerisy.
The true traditionalist
spurns this modern irony.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Corpus Aristotelicum

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical of 1879 (the Aeterni Patris) sought to advance the revival of scholastic philosophy in response to its secular counterpart. In particular, the encyclical both aids and advances Thomism as the Christian philosophy par excellence precisely because it designates St. Thomas Aquinas as the primary theological authority for the Church. Pope Leo describes Aquinas as the “Angelic Doctor,” whose Summa Theologica was laid “upon the altar, together with sacred Scripture and the decrees of the supreme Pontiffs” during the Council of Trent as a symbolic gesture of that authority (Aeterni Patris 22).
     Since Aquinas invokes Aristotle ("the Philosopher," as he calls him) so many times in the various objections, answers, and replies found in the Summa, Aristotle should ipso facto be understood as an implied secondary Thomistic authority for the Church (but an authority nonetheless). "In most respects," Russell states, Aquinas "follows Aristotle so closely that the Stagyrite has, among Catholics, almost the authority of one of the Fathers; to criticize him in matters of pure philosophy has come to be thought almost impious." Almost, but not quite. 
     Christians who seek to remain true to the spirit, if not the letter, of the Aeterni Patris should view and make use of Aristotle in the same pedagogic way as Aquinas does in the Summa (and elsewhere). This requires a thorough exposure to the corpus aristotelicum. To what end? I am not a scholar. I am therefore not an Aristotle scholar. I read Aristotle to better understand Aquinas. And I read Aquinas to better know the living Word. 

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Thomas Aquinas. The Summa Theologica Complete Edition. Catholic Way Publishing. 2014.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Verbum: January 2019

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Tuesday January 01, 2019
Just the way you are
away from any other
is where you shall stay.
The Carthusians chant here,
as the candle gently weeps.

Wednesday January 02, 2019
awareness of what can't be
Presence so overwhelming
that absence is all there is.

Thursday January 03, 2019
The framed destruction
was Ordered to a purpose.
This understanding
eliminates all regrets
that I once had about it.

Friday January 04, 2019
My own take away
from the recent shadow daze:
good man with good heart.
Now it's time to start again.
The last five years are over.

Saturday January 05, 2019
The dust, then the rib.
This is it. End of story.
Sorry we are not.
We reject the rot within
the present order of things.

Sunday January 06, 2019
The hermitic life
requires dedication,
like any good thing.
You take vows to live this way,
then you realize its been years.

Monday January 07, 2019
When the wind begins,
I stop what I am doing
and recite her prayer.
It's done mechanically.
It's done methodically.

Tuesday January 08, 2019
Time is a woman.
If you don't pay attention,
she will slow right down.
If you do pay attention,
you will be left on your own.

Wednesday January 09, 2019
Her fresh Irish lilt
dances on the words she speaks.
She wants me to come
back so that she can see me.
I told her I liked her too.

Thursday January 10, 2019
And then he was gone.
Just like that, with no warning.
But before he left,
he said that he did not know
what to do when he grew up.

Friday January 11, 2019
The straight and narrow
gait that leads to Ireland.
My own Dubliners:
if it's bad enough for me,
then it's good enough for her.

Saturday January 12, 2019
Man is that being
with absolute transcendence
toward God alone. 
This is "surely obvious"
(as Karl Rahner puts it).

Sunday January 13, 2019
The story found in
The Memoirs Of Billy Shears
does not surprise me.
That's Entertainment! alright.
It is the way of this world.

Monday January 14, 2019
This is the Dead | End
at the end of this distance.
There is only one
week left before it is done.
Freedom comes from trickery.

Tuesday January 15, 2019
Last minute updates?
Your problem does not become
my emergency.
This is the last time I'll be
managing all your orders.

Wednesday January 16, 2019
The twists and the turns
that constitute the journey:
The best advice I follow
is not to plan in advance.

Thursday January 17, 2019
Days with them are done.
Thirteen years ago this fall
the band on the run
fell into the setting sun.
It was fun...till it wasn't.

Friday January 18, 2019
Giving up my space
as I let my offspring trace
their identities.
This is my way of leaving
them to their own devices.

Saturday January 19, 2019
I have ended up
inside the heart of die Hütte.
It's a home coming.
This gathering habitat.
This inner truth and greatness.

Sunday January 20, 2019
Now I finally See:
it is not democracy,
but the Papacy.
Only the Exercises
could exorcise this demon.

Monday January 21, 2019
I once knew someone
who was rightly named after
Our Lady Of Lourdes.
At the time I did not know
that this was a harbinger.

Tuesday January 22, 2019
Genesis thirty:
the kind of domestic bliss
that you end up with
when you do not consider
the carnal consequences.

Wednesday January 23, 2019
To do is to be
sure not to take confidence
in your own virtue.
Just be done with what is done.
Just be one with what is two.

Thursday January 24, 2019
Just say no to two.
Refuse to discriminate.
Just know that it is,
how it is, and what it is
that you must do in response.

Friday January 25, 2019
To thine own self be
and do what is before you.
That is what is true. 
Keep your mind pure by doing
your work when you do your work.

Saturday January 26, 2019
The hermitic life:
poverty, tribulation,
and wise discretion.
Noah, Job, and Daniel are
our three representatives.

Sunday January 27, 2019
Pay close attention
to what it is you should hate.
A life of freedom
requires you to despise
easiness and vanity.

Monday January 28, 2019
An honest day's work
and a disciplined tongue are
for a life that's worthy of
total anonymity.

Tuesday January 29, 2019
The fear of the Lord
is the end of beginning
at the beginning.
Calling this "wisdom" is fine,
but the wise do not call it.

Wednesday January 30, 2019
Don't judge a hermit
by his habit nor habits
practiced in the solitude
of his own indifference.

Thursday January 31, 2019
Do not give a shit
about whether your shit smells
better than others.
This is nobody's business.
It's only some body's waste.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Quite The Contrary, Perhaps

By Rory A.A. Hinton

“And no matter what anyone else might do or say about it, however they might judge or evaluate it, all is irrelevant in the reality of my vocation to solitude, even though I am not a typical hermit. Quite the contrary, perhaps. It does not matter how I may or may not be classified. In the light of this simple fact of God’s love and the form it has taken in the mystery of my life, classifications are ludicrous, and I have no further need to occupy my mind with them (if I ever did) - at least in this connection.” (Thomas Merton).

Mark Rothko. Untitled (1962).
Thomas Merton. Dancing In The Water Of Life. HarperOne. 2009.

和歌 December 2018

By Rory A.A. Hinton

December 2018

Saturday December 01, 2018
There once was an old
ballpark on Stadium Road.
It was completely
and utterly demolished
to make way for lesser things.

Sunday December 02, 2018
The world that she made
began before I was born.
I first read of her
rushing through two thousand one
hundred and twelve liner notes.

Monday December 03, 2018
Heard it from the hall
way down inside, woman you
truly needed it.
At least you sounded like it
in your palace of mating.

Tuesday December 04, 2018
Intolerably noisy.
It does not matter
that you were enjoying it.
What matters is my silence.

Wednesday December 05, 2018
Reading in earnest
Hemingway's early torrents
of spring in winter.
He has a place of honor:
the Karsh is hung by my door.

Thursday December 06, 2018
The more that I know,
the less that I want to be
a part of it all.
This old civilized man is
full of renewed discontent.

Friday December 07, 2018
From doing logic
in the manufacturing
warehouse that summer,
to writing pedagogic
within the academy.

Saturday December 08, 2018
It has been one week
since the formal move took place.
I am settling
into a new routine now,
while the old habits return.

Sunday December 09, 2018
The little sister
is constantly watching
my every movement.
This message and messenger
are as beautiful as her.

Monday December 10, 2018
Fifty years ago
today my solitary
master passed away.
I pay him living homage
this last month of the hermit.

Tuesday December 11, 2018
Hang your father's cross
very gently on the wall.
The shadow remains
as it was when I was too
young to take on the troubles.

Wednesday December 12, 2018
Hit the ground running
with my old Romanian
mistress memories.
Knowing that she is grateful
for her Blahniks is enough.

Thursday December 13, 2018
Was it the person
that produced the conception,
or rather was it
the conception that produced
this old Homeric person?

Friday December 14, 2018
Heard from my old cat
again after an absence.
All that she wanted
was to seductively purr
into my inviting ear.

Saturday December 15, 2018
The old alien
anthology is very
difficult to kill.
Still, it is less about death,
and so much more about stealth.

Sunday December 16, 2018
Alien anthem
and Andy's arias are
arranged and administered

Monday December 17, 2018
Not that long ago ...
the gentle echo of her
Persian persuasion
proved to me that she's a muse
who does more than just amuse.

Tuesday December 18, 2018
The last flickering
remnants of the very last
flickering remnant.
My relatively obscure
pilot light is extinguished.

Wednesday December 19, 2018
The ambient sounds
of Deckhard's old apartment.
Strangely familiar.
Who plays beautifully for me?
The worst memories are hers.

Thursday December 20, 2018
The policed foyer
is as far as you will get.
Go ahead and take
pictures of my Christmas tree,
and toss yours while you're at it.

Friday December 21, 2018
Why do they try to stop it?
From TV programs
to computer programming:
resistance is futile.

Saturday December 22, 2018
I'm drinking Red Bull
first thing within the morning
now more than ever.
Ever since Baumgartner fell
to the earth, I've been jacked up.

Sunday December 23, 2018
Every so often
the sirens begin to sing
their destructive song.
They even use tunes I like.
The Garden is an instance.

Monday December 24, 2018
My own prison cell
devoted entirely
to my undoing.
For twenty four hours now
I stay wholly secluded.

Tuesday December 25, 2018
Concentrating on
the birth as well as the death
of the crucified.
Nothing more and nothing less
to stress over, finally.

Wednesday December 26, 2018
Still no word from them.
Be still and know that I am
good with this response.
This is what I have wanted.
Welcome to the new normal.

Thursday December 27, 2018
There's a new baby
now within the family.
I don't know her name.
I only heard second hand.
Third is more appropriate.

Friday December 28, 2018
For twelve straight hours
all my fingers kept moving
over the black keys.
I worked until I could not
work any longer at it.

Saturday December 29, 2018
It's the last weekend
of the year of the hermit.
I'm settled into
my manor and my manner.
The beginning of the end.

Sunday December 30, 2018
The external world
becomes physically distant.
The internal world
becomes timelessly present.
This is my reality.

Monday December 31, 2018
The refuged recluse
retreats from his fifty years
worth of recused clues.
Honestly hermeneuting
in the age of the hermit. 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Feuerbach's Essence

By Rory A.A. Hinton

The Essence Of Christianity is nothing but a footnote to Metaphysics. When Feuerbach states that he differs from those philosophers "who pluck out their eyes that they may see better; for my thought I require the senses, especially sight," he is echoing Aristotle: "All men by nature desire to know. An indication of this is in the delight we take in our senses; for even apart from their usefulness they are loved for themselves; and above all others the sense of sight." To therefore claim with Feuerbach that theology is anthropology is simply another way of saying with Aristotle that the essence of a thing is found within the thing itself: the soul of the eye is seeing.
     This is why Heidegger argues that you cannot have Being without human beings. And this is why Rahner argues that to carry out Feuerbach's program of reformulating dogmatic theology into theological anthropology does not necessarily mean that God gets reduced to Man. Ecce Homo is merely the means.
     It turns out after all that not all philosophy is but footnotes to Plato. Feuerbach’s Essence is an exceptional exception.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Deepest Feeling

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Not that long ago ...
the gentle echo of her
Persian persuasion
proved to me that she's a muse
who does more than just amuse.