Tuesday, 28 February 2017

現代俳句 February 2017

By Rory A.A. Hinton


February 2017

Wednesday February 01, 2017
Close down
Down move.
Ice water

Thursday February 02, 2017
Enemies closer
Closest retreat.
Release hopes

Friday February 03, 2017
Find true
Calling it.
Herm it

Saturday February 04, 2017
Maternal offering
Comfort coming.
Fraternal obscurity

Sunday February 05, 2017
Dream weave
Her machine.
Need relief

Monday February 06, 2017
Curse over
Time Heals.
From behind

Tuesday February 07, 2017
Feels nice
Ice king.
Bring it

Wednesday February 08, 2017
Moving back
Forth down.
First goal

Thursday February 09, 2017
Final days
End game.
Cat power

Friday February 10, 2017
Comic relief
Brief grief.
God's laugh

Saturday February 11, 2017
Awake shake
Head shave.
Infant steps

Sunday February 12, 2017
Our song
Sung again.
Waiting here

Monday February 13, 2017
Levi leaving
Home nice.
Feeling it

Tuesday February 14, 2017
In this
Lane again.
No parking

Wednesday February 15, 2017
Heavy sigh
Steady now.
Memory lane

Thursday February 16, 2017
Her mit
Out me.
We be

Friday February 17, 2017
Life form
Less time.
My fault

Saturday February 18, 2017
Strange bed
Fellow low.
Down town

Sunday February 19, 2017
Grizzly bare
It consumes.
Resume vow

Monday February 20, 2017
Wreck less
Impulse sieve.
No wholes

Tuesday February 21, 2017
Solo demo
Show doh.
So dope

Wednesday February 22, 2017
Hit ball
Out park.
Batter in

Thursday February 23, 2017
Long distance
Dancing again.
Reckless relief

Friday February 24, 2017
Unique friend
Found style.
Real Gucci

Saturday February 25, 2017
Make peace
Piece price.
Her silence

Sunday February 26, 2017
Family dinner
Inviting me.
Two slices

Monday February 27, 2017
Red nails
Rip nice.
De tails

Tuesday February 28, 2017
Have luck
Will travel.
In sides

Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Imitation Of Chuang Tzu

The Way Of Chuang Tzu
Thomas Merton
New Directions

Reviewed by Rory A.A. Hinton

The Way Of Chuang Tzu

“Last night I dreamed I was, temporarily, back at Gethsemani. I was dressed in a Buddhist monk’s habit, but with more black and red and gold, a "Zen habit," in color more Tibetan than Zen . . . I met some women in the corridor, visitors and students of Asian religion, to whom I was explaining I was a kind of Zen monk and Gelugpa together, when I woke up.” (Thomas Merton)

Merton's Mountain composed
In youthfully undisciplined prose.
Hinayana hyperbole. But yana still
Born under the sign of the water bearer.
Bourn along the seal of the earth sharer
Imitating The Way Of Chuang Tzu
In some former life.

Never offering a Jesuit apology
Accepted just as he is what he is:
A buddha recluse reclining
While refusing to go dining
With this slumbering world.
The highest submission lies
Beyond Trappist ambition.

"...when I woke up."

Thomas Merton. The Asian Journal Of Thomas Merton. New Directions. 1975.
Thomas Merton. The Seven Storey Mountain. 50th Anniversary. Mariner Books. 2001.
Thomas Merton. The Way Of Chuang Tzu. New Directions. 1969.