Friday, 30 June 2017

現代俳句 June 2017

By Rory A.A. Hinton

June 2017

Thursday June 01, 2017
Sick dog
Store he.
Cat tongue

Friday June 02, 2017
Fore me
Her mes.
Many any

Saturday June 03, 2017
Boing ping
Boom tschak.
Non stop

Sunday June 04, 2017
Know exit
Stage left.
Be right

Monday June 05, 2017
One more
Weak left.
Strong arm

Tuesday June 06, 2017
Con so
Late on.
Pry eyes

Wednesday June 07, 2017
Very big
But nice.
Ice ball

Thursday June 08, 2017
All reach
No touch.
My clutch

Friday June 09, 2017
Kind monster
Energy drunk.
Green goulash

Saturday June 10, 2017
Painful release
Cycle spinning.
Seizing gears.

Sunday June 11, 2017
Old rush
Fan men. 
Tea shirt

Monday June 12, 2017
Hang rope
Drop down.
God’s abyss

Tuesday June 13, 2017
He lived
Fully human.
All too

Wednesday June 14, 2017
Rest rest
REST full.
Cell sell

Thursday June 15, 2017
Vitals lost
Found again.
So grateful

Friday June 16, 2017
Inside her
House hold. 
Up above

Saturday June 17, 2017
Dogen dying
Daily duty.
Fifty three

Sunday June 18, 2017
Fluid flow
Out bound.
Light weight

Monday June 19, 2017
Old academic
Chair man. 
Empty study

Tuesday June 20, 2017
Earth wind
Fire eyes.
Tears roll

Wednesday June 21, 2017
Body falls
Off limits. 
Thin hin

Thursday June 22, 2017
Merton now
More then.
Ever land

Friday June 23, 2017
Clean up
New guy.
Irish eye

Saturday June 24, 2017
Street car
End line. 
Ghost rider

Sunday June 25, 2017
Old body
Bag bones.
Crack up

Monday June 26, 2017
Night pain
Relief pills.
Monster up

Tuesday June 27, 2017
No Sleep
Ace spades.
Only hearts

Wednesday June 28, 2017
Slow separation
Agreement down.
Independence day

Thursday June 29, 2017
Turn back
Switch clear.
Mein dear

Friday June 30, 2017
The dead
No longer.
Get lonely

Sunday, 18 June 2017

“ color more Tibetan than Zen…”

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Howling poet released
By love's solitary demand.
It's the end of the beginning
For the unemployed samurai,
Who got fired and retired
His dissatisfied pen.

Headless body 
Written away.
Behind the echo
Of God's laughter,
Moon and Zen
Together again. 

The great matter
Does not matter.
Never mind it
By showing me,
Through the way
You sit and talk:

     Why did Merton die
     In Bangkok?

Christopher Meatyard. Photographing Thomas Merton. 2014.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

All Reach And No Touch

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Choosing to negate
Her specious look
At that early date.
Already forty eight.

Refusing to relate
His precious book.
At that, she flees.
Almost forty three.

A long shot?
Time won't make
This trade short.
Wise men abort.

Trusting my sense of smell.
Suffering through all's well.
Saddling the beast I'm on:
“Yes, Ms. Francon.”

We inhabited that steed.
Stride for beautiful stride.
The veritas of our breed?
The joy is in the ride.

Silence so subversive.
So much minimal style.
I still remain breathless.
Sprinting this quarter-mile.

Cash is riding on this stallion.
Grand esprit under the rising sun.
Chasing this distant horizon.
Set it free and let it run ...

Monday, 5 June 2017

The Consolation Of Eros

By Rory A.A. Hinton

That old cold freedom
Returns without consent,
Without concern,
Without my yearning
Tactile offensiveness.
His peaceful piece
Playing me again.
The consolation of eros
Less indifference.

Learning to get along
Without my hastening
The almost slowest
Suicide in history,
Repeating itself.
Her reckless impulse
Slaying me again?
The consolation of the hero
Less quest.

Being a passerby
By biding my time
Inside the hermitage,
In this age of the hermit
I am old enough to know.
Attention without
Attachment within.
I win the consolation prize,
Lest I talk.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

現代俳句 May 2017

By Rory A.A. Hinton


May 2017

Monday May 01, 2017
Round about
Time capsule.
Hero worship

Tuesday May 02, 2017
Prey tell
Tall tale.
Shake it

Wednesday May 03, 2017
Animate cannibal
Corpse returning.
Loudly ridiculous

Thursday May 04, 2017
Alice wonder
Land away.
Price tag

Friday May 05, 2017
Carthusian cell
Bound reclusion.
Doubling down

Saturday May 06, 2017
On own
One won.
A wake

Sunday May 07, 2017
Left leg
Pain go.
Right on

Monday May 08, 2017
Career man
Handle care.
User focused

Tuesday May 09, 2017
Delicious journey
Back tracking.
Bitter sweet

Wednesday May 10, 2017
Exhausted weakness
Remembering shadows.
Inconsolable manner

Thursday May 11, 2017
Still more
Pain pills.
Four score

Friday May 12, 2017
Mine GUT.

Saturday May 13, 2017
Single resident
Evil gameplay.
Stay grounded

Sunday May 14, 2017
Spotted couch
Cleaning agent.
Abstract leather

Monday May 15, 2017
Hiding boy
Plays home.
Alone again

Tuesday May 16, 2017
Philosopher reading
Gnostic secrets.
Hermes harkens

Wednesday May 17, 2017
Begin be
Gin again.
Drink cold

Thursday May 18, 2017
Some one
Lone gun.
Stone hot

Friday May 19, 2017
Legal alien
Coven ant.
Won’t can’t

Saturday May 20, 2017
Keep her
Give away.
Knew day

Sunday May 21, 2017
His star
Gaze her.
New day

Monday May 22, 2017
No social
Media man.
Public ban

Tuesday May 23, 2017
Put weight
On shoulder.
Onward hoe

Wednesday May 24, 2017
Minor opera
Night walker.
Talker down

Thursday May 25, 2017
Down pour
Us always.
Umm brella

Friday May 26, 2017
Forced expert
Tease please.
Wish granted

Saturday May 27, 2017
No guru
Me thod.
Van man

Sunday May 28, 2017
Gin tonic
Talk time.
Only three

Monday May 29, 2017
Due date
Late day.
On time

Tuesday May 30, 2017
Thirty years
Ago today.
No regrets

Wednesday May 31, 2017
Betray all
Apology me.
Regret forget