Wednesday, 31 October 2018

和歌 October 2018

By Rory A.A. Hinton

October 2018

Monday October 01, 2018
Even wasted time
is time-being being time.
There's no time to waste.
So, make haste by arousing
hosshin beyond Sein Und Zeit.

Tuesday October 02, 2018
The true power lies
in sitting thoroughly still.
Koans become lies
for those whose only focus
is 'Zazen' and not Zazen.

Wednesday October 03, 2018
Enter samadhi
and remain at ease within
the withering tree.
Ride on the backs of dragons,
roaring and snoring in turn. 

Thursday October 04, 2018
A formal greeting:
bowing and burning incense.
This life is fleeting,
so abandon the household
and attend to your own cell.

Friday October 05, 2018
is the cause of all distaste.
The ten directions
are penetrated with each
effect of every action. 

Saturday October 06, 2018
Being unsuited
as I am for the great work,
I remain muted.
A patchwork quilt of a robe
is all that I need to be.

Sunday October 07, 2018
Silence and gesture
are the only ways to speak
with intimacy.
They are the all embracing
manifestations of it.

Monday October 08, 2018
The Carthusian
Order is alive and well
inside of the cell:
the living spirit behind
the letter of The Statutes.

Tuesday October 09, 2018
You can either have
thousands of scriptures, or one
By the way, both of these are
not mutually exclusive.

Wednesday October 10, 2018
Many if any
variations on a theme
that can be traced back
to a man sitting under
a tree holding a flower.

Thursday October 11, 2018
Wholeheartedly sit.
Depend upon nothing else.
You are fully filled
with treasure you already
have in the fullest measure.

Friday October 12, 2018
Time never arrives
too early, neither too late.
It always survives
distancing disappointment
by remaining punctual.

Saturday October 13, 2018
Joyfully resting
mind is what's most primary.
Secondary things
are myriad conditions
that don't leave any traces.

Sunday October 14, 2018
Waking up again
to the same situation
over and over
again like a timeless loop:
changing shape, remaining still.

Monday October 15, 2018
This very moment
is all that has ever been
and will ever be.
This eternal life belongs
to those who live presently.

Tuesday October 16, 2018
No territory
that requires it to be
guarded tooth and nail.
Whither apologia?
The Magic Flute plays for thee.

Wednesday October 17, 2018
There's immediate
freedom from both fame and gain
when the way-seeking
mind is aroused from within.
You are then kind from without.

Thursday October 18, 2018
Words are only words.
That said, I fancy the word
trust, not the word faith.
This façon de parler is

Friday October 19, 2018
Unwholesome women
along with unwholesome men
abound everywhere.
True aspiration does not
depend upon one's gender.

Saturday October 20, 2018
Practicing precepts
is pursuing the prajna.
The monastic way
is not about following
fame (and shame), and gain (and pain).

Sunday October 21, 2018
Not leaving a trace
of the past six years gone by.
I tried to show grace,
with dignity and respect.
I got nothing but a ghost.

Monday October 22, 2018
Just wholeheartedly
accept with intimate trust
that the space within
which you wholeheartedly trust
is wholeheartedly trusting.

Tuesday October 23, 2018
When have I not been
sitting in front of this wall,
nostril deep and wide?
What's the fundamental point?
Penatrate penetration.

Wednesday October 24, 2018
This very morning
I suddenly realized
snow is the mountain,
the mountain is the mountain,
and the white falling snow falls.

Thursday October 25, 2018
To abandon views
and interpretations is
not to somehow be
completely unaware of
them and their useful function.

Friday October 26, 2018
The flag is flapping
in the wind and the wind is
flapping in the flag.
It is neither flag nor wind.
It is mind flapping in mind.

Saturday October 27, 2018
There's nowhere to run
to and there's nowhere to hide.
There's nothing to hide
from and there's nothing to run
to within this birth-and-death.

Sunday October 28, 2018
There's no exceptions:
unwholesome acts cause decline,
but all wholesome acts
are equal and opposite.
There are no gaps in karma.

Monday October 29, 2018
Achieve what-it-is.
That is the prime directive.
Deepen what you have.
That is the secondary
directive in one's practice.

Tuesday October 30, 2018
Dharma transmission
on the very first meeting.
There's no need to wait
when there is unconditioned
recognition in between.

Wednesday October 31, 2018
What’s a layperson?
This is a person who knows
enjoyment and ease.
They lay down as they please like
an old recling buddha.