Monday, 28 October 2019

和歌 October 2019

By Rory A.A. Hinton

October 2019

Tuesday October 01, 2019
How uncertain is
this mindless mentality?
How wet is water?
Once you dive in and find out
you can then say "I don't know."

Wednesday October 02, 2019
Round and round and round
we run until we can see
ourselves from behind.
It is better to sit still
until we begin to sit.

Thursday October 03, 2019
At the dawn and dusk
of what the tradition calls
"one's enlightenment"
the earth remains as it is.
We cannot fall off of it.

Friday October 04, 2019
Super natural
awareness is mindfulness
in mundane action.
This natural worldliness
is as sacred as it gets.

Saturday October 05, 2019
It is always now.
This is what makes the future
present in the past.
To honor our tradition
is to rest in this resource.

Sunday October 06, 2019
The dharma provides
the gound for its uniqueness.
There is nothing else.
What's so unique about that?
This question has an answer.

Monday October 07, 2019
Everything that is
is traditionally found
within tradition.
We aren't unaware of this.
We just aren't attached to it.

Tuesday October 08, 2019
The Tibetan way
is also cool and boring,
just like the Zen way:
it has a map to follow.
Unspectacular action.

Wednesday October 09, 2019
First view, then renew
through continued attention.
Reason and practice
is what Bodhidharma and
Padmasambhava construed.

Thursday October 10, 2019
From birth to death it's only
Can't get no satisfaction.
Hey, hey, hey, that's what I say.

Friday October 11, 2019
homo sapiens is like
walking on egg shells.
Every person is broken
into one million pieces.

Saturday October 12, 2019
Everything is found
within the first noble truth.
Everyone is found
without everything if they
remain ignorant of it.

Sunday October 13, 2019
You don't overcome
pain, as if it is something
you can get rid of.
This pain will always remain.
Then again, so will this joy.

Monday October 14, 2019
The only constant
is that things continue to
The words within this waka
will one day be deleted.

Tuesday October 15, 2019
of the cause of suffering
is the true response
to the fact of suffering.

Wednesday October 16, 2019
Moment by moment
we plant seeds of causation
in the ground of mind
with our thoughts, words, and actions.
Garbage in and garbage out?

Thursday October 17, 2019
To praise and to blame
is a game not worth playing.
Because we forget
what we have done in the past,
it is best to just refrain.

Friday October 18, 2019
The deluded mind
creates negative karma
just like a machine.
An enlightened mechanic
will ensure it's well oiled.

Saturday October 19, 2019
The law of karma
is very strict and precise.
No exceptions here.
You act and experience
the direct consequences.

Sunday October 20, 2019
There's nothing special
about lived experience.
action is what's happening.
No one ever practices.

Monday October 21, 2019
Negative actions
can only be understood
by means of no thought.
Thinking about not thinking
only causes confusion.

Tuesday October 22, 2019
With each breath we take
there is birth and there is death.
It begins and ends
within the span of seconds.
Impermanence is precious.

Wednesday October 23, 2019
Our only purpose
is to understand ourselves.
This is possible
and necessary because
buddha-nature knows itself.

Thursday October 24, 2019
What is the ocean?
It is what we swim within,
what we sail across,
and the shore we sit down on
during this goalless voyage.

Friday October 25, 2019
The idea of I
and you and he, she, and it,
and we, you, and they:
the first person singular
is the start of this madness.

Saturday October 26, 2019
Paying attention
on the edge of a razor.
The past and future
are that fiction and this dream.
Just what is it that gets cut?

Sunday October 27, 2019
Excellent posture
and a sense of wakefulness.
This is all you need.
Meditation is nothing
but breathing, naturally.

Monday October 28, 2019
Living is enough.
There is no need for checking.
You just touch and flow.
And then before you know it
reassurance disappears.

Tuesday October 29, 2019
Off world ambient
sounds surrounding this corner
store inside myself.
Sensible intuition
makes all these words possible.

Wednesday October 30, 2019
I open and see
chapter thirty three verse three
in the Book of books
one year later to the day.
Show what my mind cannot know.

Thursday October 31, 2019
The reading of texts
is a ritualistic
of the Being of beings.
So is the writing of them.