Monday, 2 December 2013

Dante's Answer: Part I

By Rory A.A. Hinton

Black And White

"...since from this abyss none has returned alive, if what I hear is true, without fear of infamy I answer you." (Dante, Inferno, XXVII 61-66)

I: Shrouded

Black Professor teaching Philo-Sophia.
“What is Protestant Theo-Logia?”
‘Biblical Marginalia’... this much was true:
This questioning - curiously new.

White Note full of fashioned texture.
“You’re wicked. Great lecture.”
Come. Teach. Depart.
Ask: "World's apart?"

Black Beauty-Marks on a delicate hand.
“You admire what I cannot stand.” 
Left by the force of nature.
Unbuttoned, despite my stature.

White Honesty telling what is true:
“It is not compassion I feel for you.”  
Wollstonecraft’s “Mind Has No Sex.”
The ingredient of the interesting hex.

Black Poem ushering all that I see.
“You seem to have captured me.” 
Words that remain tenderly hidden.
Writing the tyranny of the forbidden.

White Blake given for forfeit.
“I thought you would like it.” 
The critics agree without schism.
"The Sick Rose" as auto-eroticism.

Black Style with a splash of black hue.
“What voodoo that I do?” 
Wearing Jack across this lap.
You think only I deserve a slap?

White Jack-Ass shrouded in denim.
“I thought you would like them.”
Sweets for the sweet.
Sixteen Bourbon Street.

Black Confession said in guilt:
“I too like black silk.”
Clarion calls outside the frame.
This will never be the same.

White Card cuts like a knife.
“I love having you in my life.” 
How much truth can a spirit bear?
Veritas Et Utilitas ... As I Stare.

Black Vow made over personal wealth.
“What is the state of your mental health?”
Moderate Poverty. Relative Obscurity.
Material Parity. Religious Absurdity.

White Sign destroys disturbance.
“Your pathological transference?”
Nothing to do with personal duplicity.
Everything to do with Synchronicity.